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Direct Sales Disruptor

I’m on a mission to shake up the online sales world and empower fellow social sellers like you. In 2020, I founded the Direct Sales Growth Community, a haven for over 5,000 social sellers (and counting) who are ready to ditch the slimy sales tactics and embrace their authentic selves. Together, we’re changing the way that women show up and sell on social media. 

I'm here to guide you on your own journey of ditching the ick and becoming a magnetic force in the social selling realm. Join our community, and let's unlock your full potential, embrace the chaos, and create a life and business that feels truly aligned and authentic. Because, my friend, you deserve to thrive, both as a fierce entrepreneur and as the amazing, multi-tasking badass that you are. Together, we'll revolutionize the online sales game, one authentic connection at a time. 

2021 - 2023




I was a stay-at-home mom pregnant with my second son when my husband lost his job. Determined to maintain the flexibility of the SAHM lifestyle, while also making sure we never found ourselves in the ‘one income household’ ever again, I rolled my eyes at myself and joined the network marketing world (even though I thought it was complete bullshit.) 


 I ate my words, because I hit the ground running in the land of network marketing. Hitting the top 2% of the company in my first 90 days, I maintained that status over the next 6 years as I grew a global team, earned free vacations, earned the free car, and surpassed my income as a mental health counselor. 

Although I was still in love with network marketing, I was growing fatigued by the outside hate and misunderstanding of the industry. I also felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb because I didn’t conform to the traditional network marketer stereotype.

I started an Instagram account,  (completely anonymously), @noshamesalesgame, and grew it to over 40,000 followers before I decided “people should know there’s a real person behind these posts.” I then continued to grow to over 100,000 followers in my first year, completely organically. I also opened the virtual doors to DSGC. 

Grew DSGC to a 7-figure business in 14 months, and have helped over 5,000 social sellers (and counting) increase their sales, engagement, and overall confidence by learning how to be a human on the internet. 

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Whether you’re hosting a virtual or in-person event, I can bring a dazzling combination of education, comedy and real talk that will leave your team ready to take their business to the next level. 

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